better policies for managing research data

SIM4RDM Survey enters pilot phase

This survey is to determine the state of the art for research data management and is aimed at four focus groups: research funders, research institutions (e.g. universities), national coordination bodies (e.g. NRENs) and publishers. The results will be discussed at a planned workshop and published in a landscape report that will be input for further development of a reference model later on in the project. 

During the pilot phase we use generic links that do not have personal information attached to the answers. Please note however that in certain questionnaires the participants are asked for contact details for future use in for instance case studies. Providing these details is however optional.

The online surveys can be found at locations listed below:


National bodies 


Research funders 

The current layout is using a generic SURF layout. In the final version this will be adapted to the SIM4RDM corporate design and a proper introductory test will be added.