better policies for managing research data


SURF is the collaborative organisation for higher education institutions and research institutes aimed at breakthrough innovations in ICT in the Netherlands. At present SURF represents over sixty institutions (academic universities, universities of applied sciences, research centres and centres for documentary information services). SURF is also active in many international collaborative platforms such as JISC, TERENA and GLIF. SURF's Strategic Plan is the guide for its activities. The Strategic Plan covers several years and is formulated by the participating institutions.

SURF comprises of SURFnet, SURFmarket and SURFshare. As of the 1st of January 2013 SARA, the Dutch national HPC centre will become part of SURF and will be known as SURFsara. SURF has a specific mandate to enhance collaboration within research institutions in six focus areas which are relevant to this ERA-NET. They are E-Learning; Scholarly Communication; Information Processes; Identity Management; Standardisation; and Digital Rights. In its current SURFshare programme SURF focuses on a number of relevant topics, including enhanced publications, metadata and the preservation of research data.

SURF's primary contribution in the project concerns the description of the current and envisaged landscapes as to what interventions in the area of research data management support have or will be put into place.